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13 - 14 NOVEMBER 2015
Padre Damián 23, 28036 Madrid


Scientific advances as well as efficient solutions is a desirable need for all health professional.

In Balance Testing, whatever additional testing complement is necessary to improve objectivity and appropriate treatment for patients with given symptoms.

ICS Impulse from GN Otometrics, gives you an advance and objective evaluation of the six semi-circular canals in just 15 minutes. Techniques employed in the ICS Impulse have been improved by Drs. Hamalgyi and Curthoys. Its validation has been compared against the Scleral Search Coi, the Gold Standard for the vestibular ocular reflex test (VOR).

The vestibular ocular reflex test (VOR) is used to stabilize an image on the retina during a head movement, producing an eye movement in the opposite direction of the head. Patients with VOR abnormality could find it difficult in maintaining the image focused during the head movement.

Balance symptoms are not only associated to the semi-circular canals but also to organs such as the saccule and utricle. For correct assessment, advances have led into the manufacturing of solutions using the Evoked Myogenic Potential.

CHARTR EP from ICS-GN Otometrics offers the possibility of the acoustic assessment of the saccule and the utricle.

Combining these three techniques and a clinical evaluation of the patient will lead into an appropriate treatment with its utmost objectivity and satisfaction.

Accreditation System of Continuing Education in the Health Professions SNS

Course Director: Prof. Dr. Nicolás Pérez Fernández
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